7 Tips for Driving a Van

Whether you have gifted yourself a new van evenflo advanced chase lx  , drive one for work or are renting one to help you move house, it is reasonable to feel apprehensive about driving a vehicle which is different from a regular car. Driving a van can be more challenging than driving a car for a lot of people. However, evenflo advanced chase lx reviews with a few tips, you can be confident in your driving skills. We have got you seven tips that will make you feel at ease behind those wheels.

1. Be comfortable – Before you even drive a van, you should be satisfied with your seat position, and the position of your mirror. Guaranteeing that you are in a comfortable position reduces the risk of aches and pains. Regardless of the raised seat and larger mirrors, you will have a full view of the road.


2. Know the van – Being comfortable is essential but what is equally important is knowing the features of your van. Before driving it, make sure you know all the features and how to operate the electrics of the van. Lastly, knowing your van’s confines and size also helps you one the road while getting an estimate of the whether or not your van will fit in a particular space.

3. Loading your van – Knowing how to fill your van with goods and tools is vital to avoid unnecessary injuries. You need to be careful with heavy-weight items while loading and unloading the van. Knowing the space in your van is also essential as you do not want to be left with more things than your van can carry.

4. Driving behaviour – Driving a van is different from driving a car. A van must be driven slowly and steadily. A study shows that a loaded van takes an extra two-five metre to stop than an empty van. You must take extra care while turning in corners and give yourself extra space in narrow streets.

5. Parking – The length and width of a van is higher than an average car and therefore, you must be careful while parking. If possible, get someone to guide you through space. Often vans have swinging doors at the back so when you are parking, make sure you left extra room to unload your things.

6. Driver etiquette – There is a common notion that van drivers often drive aggressively and with complete disregard to etiquettes. However, that is just a misconception. You must remain conscious that your vehicle is bigger and therefore takes up more space on the road.

7. Insurance cover – Regardless of whether a van belongs to your or not, knowing the level of cover is vital. There are various insurance covers that will compensate for any damage to your van or even the goods inside your van.

7 Tips for Driving a Van

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